Time to get caught up

June 26th, 2014 Comments Closed

Lets start off by saying it has been a difficult and challenging year with cancer. We have had 4 rounds of radiation in a four month period. I received a Leptomeningeal diagnosis (which means the cancer is in the fluid of my spine and brain). I received whole brain radiation, which brought me some relief. Due to the Leptomeningeal disease I was having trouble with my speech, swallow and balance. The radiation helped everything.
I am currently at home with open hospice. Right now they only have to be here once a week, I am currently I am on steroids and pain pills when needed. My weight has stabilized, I lost about 25 lbs or so, which I kinda needed for a few years. The steroids also help the appetite and bone. So I am in almost no pain. We have a plan in place that seems to be working. My priest Father Eric from our local church St Michaels has been able to come over on a weekly basis and help work our faith based spiritual plan. We will continue to be filled with hope and inspiritation. We also understand it is the spine, lungs, liver, and brain. I am crazy enough to believe there is still hope.
I need to thank my friends, family, daughter and wife. Without them I couldn’t have fought this fight.

Another successful Event

December 2nd, 2013 Comments Closed

On Saturday we had’s third annual basketball tournament. The money raised, went to hope and friendship metastatic breast cancer foundation. I have to thank everyone who played in the tournament, also all the volunteers, and the many people donated to great cause. Everyone had a lot of fun and no one got hurt. Most people joined us for our refreshment beverage after the game was over. You can look at hope and friendship metastatic breast cancer support group website if you are looking for more information on this qroup. They are based out of North Andover Massachusetts. I am also part of this group also. This was the best year by far. I really have so many people to thank. Mike Shea, Rob Visconti, Paul Diane and Kristin Devereaux, Poppa D, Heather and her husband and daughter. One thing called the play is keeping the game under the control. The referee, Mike’s nephew, who did a great job and keep in the the game flowing. Volunteered his time. Congratulation to the winning team. We had 16 teams playing, and in my opinion all 16 teams were winners. Thank you all once again and I look forward to seeing you all next year at this time forward to the great tournament. LiveStrong

Another bump in the road

August 13th, 2013 Comments Closed

Hello all, I wish I had better news to send. My cancer has spread to my lung and liver. We have been on quite a ride since this cancer journey started 5.5 years ago and over 11 treatment programs. That is way too many. I really hate to tell you all this news, I especially hate to tell my 15 year old daughter and my parents. Its fine for me to have to go through this, it is so uncool that my daughter and wife have to go through this. I know all my family and friends go through this with me and will continue to send positive vibes and thoughts. I am by no means going to slow down this fight, we are running out of treatment options. We will continue to explore alternative options as well. I am back on a weekly treatment of chemo. Lets continue to believe and remain hopeful. My goal is to become a healer, Heal myself first and then others. I really appreciate you all and thank you in advance for all your positive energy. Don’t ever give up or waste an opportunity to help someone or say something nice to someone and find the person your really helping is yourself. LIVESTRONG AND ALWAYS BELIEVE I will be at the MBCN conference in September hope to see some of you there in Houston,texas

Relay for Life

June 16th, 2013 Comments Closed

What a fun event we had Friday night. Thanks to all who were able to stop by and thanks to all those who gave donations. We had a great time. We should be able to kick cancers ass with all your great help. Thanks


June 4th, 2013 Comments Closed

Peabody relay is coming up on Friday June 14. I really look forward too seeing some of you there. For those that would like to donate please go to my personal page and donate. Hope all is well. Lets enjoy summer and kick cancers ass. Livestrong


May 28th, 2013 Comments Closed

My treatment stopped working. My cancer had a chance to grow and get inflamed. We have already started a new treatment and are hopeful for great results. These are the challenging times when my body is extremely sore with no energy. This is a time when I really have to focus on me. I will go and reboot my life. Starting with diet and exercise. I will need to rest more and get back to physical therapy and get my body working again. I have already received a steroid shot to loosen up my hip. I will continue with acupuncture, hot tub, hot and cold packs. Gravity machine, infra red sauna. I will continue with a good juicing program. In part the Doctors and crew are doing their part I will continue to do my part. Together my life will be filled with love and good energy.
Livestrong Pete

Change of plans

May 9th, 2013 Comments Closed

Just met with Oncologist today to get scan results. We have found the current treatment is no longer effective and we will have to start a new one next week.
There has been significant growth in my back, spine and pelvis. We are still optimistic about what the future holds. I look forward to updating you in a month or 2 with an update.


February 13th, 2013 No Comments »

I will be appearing on Brian Williams Rock Center on February 22, at 10 pm. I will let you now if this changes. It will be about Male breast cancer and the Camp Lejeune water contamination. My wife and daughter may be part of the interview.


January 13th, 2013 No Comments »

On January 11,2008 is the day my hand bumped into my chest and noticed a limp. Followed by a visit to the PCP and then mammogram, ultrasound followed by a core biopsy. I had my surgery on the 28th of January. Chemotherapy started on the 27th of February. My cancer spread to my spine in April 2009. Five years to the day I had to switched to like my 7th or 8th treatment. It heas been an ubelievable journey that I wish no one else to go on. I am so glad that I have so many great friends and family to join my on my journey. They noticed a little spot on my liver which is not cool. It was noticed before but now it can be measured. It takes a little while for me to get used to new treatments, I hope this one is quick. I am venting a little now, But I promise I will take the bull by the horns and get right back on track. It has been a tough holiday season with Fionas mom dying on Christmas day. She was a great women and is definetly missed. There will many more upbeat post in the future, I just wanted to bring everyone up to date. Scans results are tough, especially when they are not good. I will put a plan together to kick some butt.
February 15 should be the time I am on Rock Center at 10 pm, so check it out. I will let you know if there are any changes. My wife and daughter should also be on the show. They are both my rocks and tough ones.
Peace and Love Believe

2012 roundup

January 2nd, 2013 No Comments »

2012 was a challenging year. My treatment has been going fairly well. I have lost way too many people this year. I have lost way too many to breast cancer. I also lost a great mother in law, who fought her great fight to the end. She fought on her terms. She was also a BC survivor. She went way to fast, she is now in heaven to join our other angels. I am honored to know such a great women, who gave me the best gift a person could get, was her daughter Fiona, my wife and hero. There are just too many deaths to name, I am thankful now to have so many more angels in the sky on our team. We also many great events and never wasted an opportunity to laugh. I made to age 50 happily and celebrated with so many great friends and family. Please dont waste an opportunity to say I love you and even better show them and expect nothing in reutrn. This year I have so much to celebrate. There is also a Male breast cancer telephone networking group which will be held monthly. I think this will be great,4th tuesday of every month. If interested please call my friend liz farell at 617 632 5606 to sign up. It will be noon-1pm on the phone. I look forward to meeting alot of Male breast cancer survivors.
Please help me send out some big love to one lovely women Bridget,who fought this disease with passion,energy and love as she journeys to her final journey. Bridget thank you so much. I appreciate all that you have given. THANK YOU